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Platoon 2 tent
Platoon 2 tent
Platoon 2 tent
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Specification of Platoon 2 tent

Platoon tents is one of the main products of the Sabena tents, Tent Manufactures all kinds of Sabena tents and Tarps in either Scale or a large scale Retail, For categories of This Platoon Included Tents Into one of the Tents that Most of society Indonesia, tent This Platoon is generally used specifically for natural disaster emergency response Tent, as a Refugee, as a Barracks Tent Tents Scout Tents Basarnas, asTNI/POLRI, tent, also used for the medical team Ataw Posko, etc.

Platoon-size tents 6 M x 14 M with a capacity of about 40-45 people, is suitable for the needs of society in Indonesia, if you are interested and need a Platoon Tent please visit our store or via Telephone And Address in accordance with Our Fropil.







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