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Platoon Tents
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Specification of

Platoon Tents

Platoon Tents For Refugee Barracks, Barracks, Field Workers, Posko Health, Living A Communal Kitchen, Military Tents And So On.


Tent With A Military Standard, Basarnas, Unicef, The Department Of Social.


Spefikasi Tent:


Order Black Iron Pipe:


The Main Pillar 2 Inc Number Of 4 High 3 Meters Trunk


Poles 1.5-3 Metres In Length The Number Of Inc 3 Rods


Side Pillar 1 High 1.5 Meters Amount Inc. 28 Rods


Peg Pole 42 Pcs


Keys 2 Pcs


Hammer 2 Pcs


Ropes 1 Roll


Ingredients 1. Canvas Polyester D600 2. Korea Canvas Velamien 702 3. Canvas Catton Dact

























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