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Tent Sarnafile

Selling Sarnafil Tents at Cheap Prices

Basically, the Sarnafil tent is not too different when compared  with cone tents. The difference lies in the design, cover material and frame material used. Tenda Sarnafil / Tenda Carnaville is an outdoor tent with various functions that are similar in shape to Cone Tents which are usually used for promotional activities, exhibitions, bazaars, etc. Sarnafil tents are Outdoor Tents with various functions that keep up with local demand. Sarnafil tents use windows, some do not use them. The original color of Tenda Sarnafil is white, but there are also other colors. On Sarnafi Tents, company logos can be included in offering products or services that will be quite elegant, very suitable for use in various event titles.
We, are distributors / suppliers who sell cheap price sarnafil tents of various sizes. Buy cheap price sarnafil tents now through us for shipping throughout Indonesia for all your promotional activities, bazaars or events.

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